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Cree Lake Lodge: Explore Canada’s Top Trophy Fishery

Updated: May 16

Truth be told, anglers have a bit of a reputation for over exaggerating the actual size of their greatest catch, however, you can rest assured it’s “not just another fish tale” when guests of Cree Lake Lodge return home with stories of toothy trophies stretching as long as 50 inches from the top trophy fishery in Canada. 

The gold standard in Canadian fishing lodges, Cree Lake’s unique depth and size, combined with catch and release practices and population management, have created an environment where anglers boating trophy sized fish is the average, not the exception. 

So let’s bait the hook, cast a line and delve deep into the many reasons why professional anglers like Dave Mercer from Facts of Fishing consider Cree Lake to be one of the greatest bodies of water for fishing giant Northern Pike in the world.

How Many Species of Fish Live in Cree Lake?

Spanning 445 square miles with nearly 500 islands, Cree Lake is home to 10 different fish species, the most popular for anglers being the iconic Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye and Arctic Grayling. The massive body of water is Saskatchewan’s fourth largest, making it the perfect natural environment for the monstrous trophy fish. 

The variety of large fish species is one of the main reasons why Cree Lake is home to Canada’s best fly-in fishing lodge. Guests can test their skills on the water while pursuing multiple species over the course of their multi-day visit. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, the opportunity to land a variety of fish is added excitement to the experience.

Top Trophy Fishing in Canada: What Size of Fish at Cree Lake Lodge?

It can’t be overstated that trophy sized fish are the standard, not the exception, in Cree Lake. This continuous supply of monstrous fish is due to a few unique factors that are unique to the pristine natural environment at Cree Lake Lodge. 

Cree Lake’s depth and size, combined with its expansive shallow reefs, allow fish like Northern Pike and Lake Trout to reach an uncommonly large length and girth. The fishery’s catch and release practices also help ensure the thrill of reeling in the magnificent beasts will be preserved for future generations.

Does Cree Lake Lodge Provide Professional Guides and Services?

Cree Lake Lodge offers a variety of both guided and self guided fishing trip packages. Guests interested in procuring a professional guide will receive valuable insight into the best fishing techniques and seasonal hot spots on Cree Lake. The guides possess an intimate understanding of the lake’s unique characteristics, increasing the chances of a successful and rewarding fishing excursion. 

However, guests who chose to go on a self guided fishing trip are ensured the same access to the lodge’s top-quality equipment, boats, and modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. It’s no surprise that Cree Lake Lodge is considered the top Canadian fly-in fishing lodge.

Is Cree Lake A Busy Fishing Destination?

Cree Lake is certainly a popular fishing destination, but that shouldn’t imply the water is crowded with anglers. Nestled in the untamed wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan, Cree Lake Lodge is solely accessible by float plane, which means only those willing to travel for trophy sized fish get access to the water. This allows anglers to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in the pristine natural surrounds as they cast for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and more. 

Upon arrival, guests are transported to the lodge via a short boat ride, adding to the mystic of an exclusive angling adventure. Despite the seclusion, Cree Lake Lodge does provide all the necessary modern amenities with cabins, a dining hall, wifi and more that allow guests to truly enjoy their days in the rugged wilderness.

Is Northern Sasketawan a Beautiful Place to Visit?

Beyond its exceptional fishing opportunities, Cree Lake Lodge offers visitors a breathtaking display of natural beauty. Anglers are treated to stunning sunrises and sunsets, creating picture-perfect moments on the water. 

Additionally, the area is teeming with wildlife, including moose, black bears, bald eagles, and a variety of bird species, providing a captivating backdrop to the angling experience. Guests visiting at the right time of year are also regularly treated to northern Canada’s majestic Aurora Borealis and fresh picked wild blueberries.

Cree Lake Lodge – The Top Trophy Fishery In Canada

From its remote location and abundance of fish species to its trophy-sized catches and top-notch services, Cree Lake Lodge provides the ideal angling experience for fishing enthusiasts. Moreover, the stunning natural beauty and wildlife sightings add an extra dimension to the overall experience. Whether you seek a peaceful escape surrounded by nature or the thrill of reeling in trophy fish, Cree Lake Lodge promises an exceptional journey that will leave you with lasting memories.

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